Bob Daisley interview – Part 2

Bob Daisley 1

Bob Daisley

DLTSP chats with our friend Bob Daisley from his home in Sydney Australia about his early influences, holding the bottom with Rainbow, Uriah Heap and Black Sabbath. In addition to his first meeting with Randy Rhoads and the truth behind the making of Blizzard of ozz and Diary of a madman !!

Interview with DLTSP (part 2/3)

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3 Responses to Bob Daisley interview – Part 2

  1. Sabbathman says:

    Living Loud sounds … awesome!!! A must-buy!!!

  2. Trance 9 says:

    All this time I thought Ozzy wrote his own lyrics. Go figure. “Diary” is my all time favorite album and the title song is my #1 song.
    I must say you (Bob) are a great songwriter. You are up there with Lennon/McCartney in my book. I have to check out this “Living Loud” now. It has to be awesome. Great to have Don Airey on there as well.
    Love ya man !!!

    Trance 9

  3. David says:

    Leo Brouwer’s Prelude #6

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