Bob Daisley interview – Part 3

Bob Daisley 1

Bob Daisley

DLTSP chats with our friend Bob Daisley from his home in Sydney Australia about his early influences, holding the bottom with Rainbow, Uriah Heap and Black Sabbath. In addition to his first meeting with Randy Rhoads and the truth behind the making of Blizzard of ozz and Diary of a madman !!

Interview with DLTSP (part 3/3)

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3 Responses to Bob Daisley interview – Part 3

  1. Sabbathman says:

    Yes, Bob. You ARE rock dinosaurs, still roaming the earth and making it tremble!!!

    Fuck grunge and all that shit, heavy rock ruled before, it rules now and it always will rule!

    Trust me Bob: your contribution to heavy rock is legendary!

  2. Trance 9 says:

    Well after hearing this interview I can say that I have no respect for sharon and I have a few choice words for her. What a shame. Well I guess uploading Blizzard and Diary from a bit-torrent site won’t be any different than them screwing you out of your royalties and credits. Ozzy isn’t the same without the Blizzard of Ozz band.
    God Bless and always Rock Hard n Heavy !!

    Trance 9

  3. John Fraser says:

    Its great to hear these stories from one of my biggest influences.
    Cheers mate

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