The Metal God Bringing Fight To Hollywood

 fightwow-poster-200w-2.jpg ‘Fight War Of Words – The Film’
 5.1 Theatrical Premiers Scheduled In
 New York, Detroit, Hollywood, San Francisco, London
  And Other Select Cities

‘Fight War Of Words – The Film’ Releasing 11/20 – 12/19 On DVD
Original Rob Halford Autograph and Bonus CD
‘War Of Words – Remixed & Remastered’
Releasing in Numbered-Edition Digipak

‘Fight K5 – The War Of Words Demos’
Companion To War Of Words – The Film
Features 5 New Fight Tracks
Releasing 11/20

Compelling, stark and aggressive ‘War Of Words – The Film’ Starring Rob Halford and his first solo band ‘Fight’ unleashes upon legions of Metal maniacs November 20th in North America, November 30th in the United Kingdom & Europe, December 3rd in Australia & New Zealand and December 19th in Japan.

After nineteen years, more than a dozen global concert tours and dozens of gold and platinum awards as the defining vocalist of Judas Priest; Rob Halford departed the band in 1992 to pursue a solo career immediately releasing ‘Light Comes Out Of Black’ supported by members of Pantera. The track rocketed to the top of radio playlists, and later that summer Rob would assemble his own band ‘Fight,’ and place most of its new tracks from ‘War Of Words’ in heavy-radio rotation while aggressively ushering in a new sound for the Metal communities.

Metal God Entertainment is proud to debut the Theatrical and DVD releases of ‘Fight War Of Words – The Film,’ a Documentary and 5.1 Concert featuring the songs and performances of Rob Halford’s first solo band ‘Fight.’

‘Fight War Of Words – The Film’ brilliantly documents a key moment in Heavy Metal history combining behind-the-scenes, hand-held and pro-shot footage of Fight’s original 1992 K5 rehearsal and demonstration-recording sessions; 1993 Amsterdam recording sessions of the original War Of Words Epic / Sony audio release, and pre-tour interviews climaxing with a full-length 5.1 concert filmed at 22 venues in 20 select cities during Fight’s first five months of its ‘1993 – 1994 Nailed To The Road / War Of Words World Tour.’

Rare audio and film footage of Fight’s earliest concert performances in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico and Japan have been restored. Stereo and 5.1 Dolby surround mixes have been produced by Roy Z. 5.1 Dolby surround encoding and mastering for DVD and The Metal God’s Theatrical Premiers handled by industry giant Technicolor.

The screams are more mesmerizing than you thought possible. Fight is un-mistakably Rob Halford at his finest. Power chords engulfed by ferocious vocals; exacting prose driven by an astonishing young group of musicians.


‘Fight War Of Words – The Film’ will Theatrically Premier at 5.1 Dolby Surround Digital Cinemas in:

New York 11/14
Hollywood 11/20
San Francisco 11/28
Detroit 11/28
London 12/18
And Other Select Cities.

Tickets may be purchased at:  on 11/2/07.

Rob Halford will attend select premiers for a 30 minute conversation on the assembling of Fight and songs written for ‘War Of Words.’ Tickets are limited for this rare opportunity to experience ‘Fight War Of Words – The Film’ in 5.1 Dolby Surround Digital Cinema and participate in a rare conversation with The Metal God, Rob Halford; as he relates his experiences of his first solo band.

Movie-sized posters of ‘War Of Words – The Film’ will be distributed to all in attendance after the performance.

Tracks performed live:

War Of Words – The Film 5.1 Concert

1) Nailed To The Gun
2) Into The Pit
3) Little Crazy
4) Immortal Sin
5) War Of Words
6) Light Comes Out Of Black
7) Laid To Rest
8) For All Eternity
9) Contortion
10) Kill It
11) Vicious
12) Life In Black
13) Reality – A New Beginning


‘War Of Words – The Film’ debuts in a numbered edition, 6 panel custom-designed digipak with 20 Page booklet, original Rob Halford autograph and bonus audio CD ‘War Of Words – Remixed & Remastered.’

Bonus Footage and original Fight Promotional videos included on DVD.

NTSC Edition Limited to 5,000 pieces distributed by Super D USA – releasing 11/20. Pre-Orders available through the below online retailers.

Pal Edition Limited to 5,000 pieces distributed by Metal God Entertainment’s new partners: ADA / Warner distributing Fight and Halford throughout The United Kingdom and Ireland, and Soulfood Distribution of Hamburg, Germany distributing Fight and Halford throughout the European Union on 11/30. Pre-Orders available through the below online retailers.


A companion release to Fight’s new film is a rare audio recording from Rob Halford’s library. ‘Fight K5 – The War Of Words Demos’ featuring original demonstration recordings of ‘War Of Words’ plus five (5) new Fight tracks. Releasing 11/13 at select Rob Halford scheduled in-stores in New York & New Jersey. Releasing 11/19 UK, Ireland, 11/20 North America, 11/23 European Union, 11/26 Australia & New Zealand and 12/19 in Japan.

K5 – The War Of Words Demos

1) Into The Pit
2) Nailed To The Gun
3) Now You Die (New)
4) Life In Black
5) Kill It
6) Contortion
7) Forbidden (New)
8) War Of Words
9) Psycho Suicide
10) Down (New)
11) Vicious
12) Beast Denies (New)
13) Laid To Rest
14) Jesus Saves
15) Dead Men Talk (New)
16) For All Eternity


Rob and Halford Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak will appear and sign ‘new product only’ at FYE in Manhattan on Thursday, November 15, 2007 12 pm.

Rob and Halford Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak will appear and sign ‘new product only’ at J&R Music World in Manhattan on Friday, November 16, 2007 5.30 pm.

Rob and Halford Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak will appear and sign ‘new product only’ at Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey on Saturday, November 17, 2007 5.30 pm.


Rob Halford is uniting the original members of Fight: Brian Tilse, Russ Parrish, Jay Jay and Scott Travis in Hollywood, California at 5:00 pm Tuesday, November 20, 2007 for an exclusive autograph session of ‘new product only’ at

Best Buy
West Hollywood CA
1015 N LA Brea Ave
West Hollywood, CA

Visit  on 11/5 for more details.

Fight will also be in attendance for the Theatrical Premier of ‘War Of Words – The Film’ at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA 8:00 pm on 11/20.

Tickets may be purchased at:  on 11/2/07.


Rob Halford and members of Fight will participate in a world-wide chat December 2007. Details available 11/5 at:

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