Bill Mumy: Glorious In Defeat


Multi-instrumentalist Bill Mumy, joins the show to chat about writing and recording his current release “Glorious In Defeat”.


For more info, tour dates and/or to send Bill Mumy a friend request make sure to check the websites below.

DLTSP thanks Karl Anderson for arranging the interview.

Music from “Glorious In Defeat” used with permission of Bill Mumy.

(All Rights Reserved)

Interview by: David Wilson


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5 Responses to Bill Mumy: Glorious In Defeat

  1. Julie Williams says:

    I had no idea he was a musician. Great Interview.

  2. Bassman1 says:

    I’ve been a fan of a Bill Mumy’s since the Lost In Space days. Loved him on Twilight Zone and in a millon other movies and TV shows. Great interview!

  3. Justin Burke says:

    I received “Glorious in Defeat” for Christmas. I couldn’t agree more about the fantastic flow of songs. Hard to believe it’s a “one man band”.

  4. Mike Newbecker says:

    Fish Heads….Fish Heads….Roly Poly Fish Heads

  5. Kyle Rhoades says:

    I grew up watching Bill on tv and even had the pleasure of meeting him once at a convention many years ago. He’s a great actor,musician and even better human. Great interview. Thanks for having him on the show.

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