Bushman: Interview

DLTSP checks in with Bushman at his home in beautiful Saint Thomas, Jamaica for a chat about his early groups and influences, touring America, writing and recording his current release, “Bushman sings the Bush Doctor: A Tribute to Peter Tosh”, in addition to much more !

For more info, tour dates and/or to send Bushman a friend request make sure to check the websites below.






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13 Responses to Bushman: Interview

  1. WhiteDread says:

    Ya Mon, Bushman is the real deal. Can’t wait to see him in July. Rastafari

  2. Bassman1 says:

    Love’in that bottom !

  3. James Williams says:

    Bushman has to be one of the most overlooked artists out there. All his albums are real rude boy reggae. Nuff Said’

  4. Michael Jenson says:

    Tell me again why I’m suppost to care about someone doing an album of cover tunes ?

  5. Julie Reed says:

    I’ve never heard of Bushman but I really enjoyed your interview. Keep it up

  6. Alan Davidson says:

    Reggae on the River is gonna be the bomb this year. I’m so happy they split from that dimmick dude. Way to go Mateel!

  7. Don Wagner says:

    Can’t wait to hear his new album.

  8. Tony Young says:

    @don there’s some cool samples of music on Bushman’s website

  9. jerry's girl says:

    Never heard of him before. hope to catch him at ROTR. Fun interview

  10. Dummer53 says:

    Never heard of Bushman ? People wake up, turn off your radio and at the very least set your television to the reggae music channel.

  11. Carl Paloma says:

    I don’t know if i’d call his style Rude Boy but I like it alot. Sweet Interview!

  12. Reggae Friend says:

    Bushman’s voice is classic. Love his style. So glad he’s on Reggae on The River this year!

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