Second album “Iztok” by bulgarian Voyvoda on vinyl in April

 The bulgarian band Voyvoda will release their second album “Iztok” on February 7th as a download, the vinyl issue will follow on 20th of April, 2012. Offered will be experimental sounds somewhere between post punk, cold wave and balkan komita folk.
As on the forerunner “The Confederacy” and the couple of EP’s, the journey goes deep into the history of the balkans, back to devotional rebels and their commanders (called Voyvodas). During the trip you’re able to hear stories about devotion, respect, honor, love’s strength, fratricide, sorrow, betrayal, hope and despair, coated into a structure of lyrics reminding of a weird combination between Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Hristo Silyanov.
Voyvoda’s sound is a combination of post punk, minimal and cold wave of the 80s, stirring balkan folklore and majestic eastern-orthodox chants. “Iztok” will be available from February 7th 2012 on at afmusic and in all well-known download stores in high quality. Furthermore the band offers a “name your price”-download on bandcamp, while the first 30 persons, that pay 1 Euro or more will get a free promo CD of the album.
On Jamendo, Dogmazic and some more download platforms the album will be available as a free download.
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