BENESSER “The Start Of Something New”

benesser  The first time Benesser struck a rock chord and spellbound an audience was almost 15 years ago, only 9 years old. People have been talking about them behind the scenes for a while and they sure have some exciting times coming up. With this debut album they enter the official rock scene and set sail with the boat they’ve been building through 15 years of rehearsal and numerous live performances.

The album presents Benesser and shows qualities from all over the spectra. Their music is heavy and aggressive, atmospheric and dynamic, but in the meantime fragile and emotional, now and then groovy and smooth. Singer Robert slides up and down between a soft falsetto and attacking vocals at its heaviest. Guitarist Henric possesses a delicate touch in his fingers and his sound is fine-tuned down to his self-made amplifiers. It’s a joy to hear the timeless blues solo in Is It You, and the fabulous fusion-sound half way through Sleepless Nights. Together, they create an unreasonably rich sound for a three piece band that often leaves the listener in a grip of amazement and curiosity.

They’ve played Sweden´s largest festival (the Peace & Love Festival) a couple of years and have also been seen at a couple of other well-known venues in Sweden, but so far they´ve held a low profile. With this album, they´re going out in public for the world to see Benesser – Stepping out from the rehearsal studio onto the stage …

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