Dim Lights Thick Smoke Promotions goal is to provide our viewers with the most diverse and intriguing entertainment events, products and services available anywhere on the web. To accomplish this DLTSP has created a website designed to facilitate public awareness and access to artists, labels, producers, promoters, managers, booking agents, talent buyers, film makers, comedians, cartoonists, voice actors, publicity agents, journalists, photo journalists, ticket brokers, venue owners, production crews, and other professionals in the entertainment industry.

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1.   What do I need to know before I send DLTSP my story?

1.1   Who can write for DLTSP?
1.2   How do I submit my writing to DLTSP?
1.3   Does DLTSP publish material from other sources?
1.4   Can a DLTSP article be published on another website?
1.5   What are DLTSP’s editorial criteria?

2.   What types of stories are accepted?

2.1   Interviews
2.2   Performance or Show Reviews
2.3   Previews
2.4   CD Reviews
2.5   Press Releases/News items
2.6   Photo Galleries

3.   Will you post photography or video content?

3.1   Photos in DLTSP Articles
3.2   How to Send Photos to DLTSP
3.3   Credit Policy
3.4   Videos

4.   What legal concerns might there be?

4.1   Conflict of Interest
4.2   Copyright/Reproduction

1. What do I need to know before I send DLTSP my story?

Who can write for DLTSP?
Worldwide Entertainment Fans: the music lover, the book lover, the film lover, etc. DLTSP writers are fans of all genres of entertainment throughout the world. Whether an established artist or an unknown rising star, we are interested in hearing about them. All reviews, interviews, features and photographs are provided by either a regular author or by a fan who was inspired to tell others about an artist, film, CD, book or video that impassioned them.

What is a regular author?

Regular authors are fans who love one genre of entertainment and desire to make others aware of it by frequent correspondence through DLTSP. To learn more about becoming a regular author please send an email to DLTSP, include your name, city/area in which you live, a writing sample and a few words on what area of entertainment interests you. To learn how to submit your writing and photographs please continue reading our Submission Guidelines.

How do I submit my writing to DLTSP?
Please use our Promotions and Advertising Form to submit reviews, interviews, previews and other items of interest. (Read below on how to submit photos and videos). The form is easy to use and helps us publish the articles more quickly.

Just follow these tips and read our Content Guidelines:

  • Please do not send your article as an email attachment or in the body of an email. These methods add an extra step at our end to reformat your article(s). It could delay the article(s) being published.
  • Always send the article(s) to the designated submission site. While working with a specific DLTSP editor, you can email him or her that you are submitting a new article, but do not send the article(s) straight to that editor. DLTSP receives a high volume of submitted articles daily and the designated submission site helps the editors keep track of all new submissions.
  • Do not email asking if you submission has been received. Once you have submitted your article, you will receive an email confirmation that your submission has been received. We may be in touch with you for further information when we review your article.
  • Please keep in mind that not all items submitted will get published. DLTSP covers a wide variety of entertainment and receives a high volume of submitted items. DLTSP uses editorial judgment as to what gets published on the website. It may not mean that your article wasn’t top quality, it simply didn’t work for the current mix on the site.
  • DLTSP is always open to new unknown entertainers and entertainment but if we receive a submission covering an unknown entertainer or form of entertainment we reserve the right to investigate and view the artist before promoting them on our site. Please read our Content Guidelines for more information.

Does DLTSP publish material from other sources?
DLTSP prefers to publish original articles and not reproduced material that have been published on different websites or publications. You can add a link to a previously published article that can be displayed in the links section of the artist or entertainment page on DLTSP. On the occasion when we do use reproduced material from another source, permission must be granted by the author or editor of the publication and proper credit assigned. Therefore, the source link and the access date are essential.

Can a DLTSP article be published on another website?
Yes, DLTSP articles may be reproduced on or linked to another website with the proper credit ( i.e. “Originally published on”). Also, include a link to the original article. Please read additional information in Copyright/Reproduction.

What are DLTSP’s editorial criteria?

  • The topic should be on a specific entertainment genre or artist.
  • The content must be original work
  • Writing is clear, concise and well organized.
  • Facts should be verifiable for truth and accuracy.

2. What types of stories are accepted?

  • Interviews
    Interviews can be written as a conversational piece or a Q&A article. Make it readable. When writing and editing your interview, remember that people do not always speak in complete sentences and do not use punctuation when talking. You will have to make the conversation understandable by adding punctuation and even a word or two sometimes. Clean up the interview before submitting, remove excessive use of “like” or “you know” and delete all “um” and “uh”. The artist will appreciate it. Record the Interview. Use any method that results in a clearly audible recording. An inexpensive hand-held digital recorder is available at any electronics or discount store. Use a video cam, your cell phone’s video, anything you have at that moment. Edit. Edit. Edit. Delete unimportant material. Lengthy raw interviews will not be accepted. Please try to limit your final written interview to four or less readable pages.
  • Performance or Show Reviews
    Performance or Show reviews are a way for fans to share the experience and emotion of a show. Show reviews can be of any live performance venue. When writing your review please do not use phrases such as “It sucked!” or “It was sick!” Be original, be accurate, be fair and back up negative or positive statements with examples from the performance. It’s ok to mention the crowd and give the reader the essence of the scene, but stay focused on the acting or music. Write your review while it is fresh in your mind. Timing is important and performance or show reviews over a week old most likely will not be published in the Review Section. Include any photos you have of the performance. Be sure to get the performers permission before taking any photographs.
  • Previews
    Previews are articles giving attention to upcoming events. These events include tours, planned releases of movies, CDs, albums, festivals, song fests, etc. This type of news needs to be of interest to a broad population. Fans will be especially interested in previews that include interviews with the artist, group or their managers. Sometimes a preview can be enhanced with little known or newfound facts relating to the performers. Always check the accuracy of your facts.
  • CD Reviews
    DLTSP receives many CDs. We often send them on to our regular authors for review. Frequently, writers arrange CD reviews by contacting a favorite artist directly. As in all reviews refrain from using poor language or phrases such as “It sucked!” Have examples from the CD for all negative or positive statements.
  • Press Releases/News items
    We welcome standard press releases submitted by a band, or by venues or promoters. We try to post as many as we can. For the most part press releases are generally posted exactly as we receive them.
  • Photo Galleries
    DLTSP’s photos are submitted by bands, venues and promoters but most are submitted by fans. DLTSP welcomes photos of all types. Our photo galleries are continuously growing. You should always get permission from the artist or performers before taking photos. Pick out the best pictures and submit them to and they will be processed for a photo gallery. If submitting photos for a photo gallery, please include an introduction and photo captions. If submitting photos with an article or review, please see the Photography section below.

3. Will you post photography or video content?

Photos in DLTSP Articles
Photos are a welcome bonus to any article, review or interview. Most venues require a photo pass to take pictures of performances. Photo passes can be arranged by contacting If you are not a regular writer, you will need to submit photo samples and summarize your experience along with your photo pass request.

How to Send Photos to DLTSP
The best way to get photos submitted is by using a digital camera, but that can be expensive. If you have photos from a performance, review or interview on a non-digital camera, you will need to have the film developed on a disc or online to make it available for emailing. Submit your photos or image by attaching a .jpg or .gif file to the email and send it to Please do not watermark you’re photos; we will give credit to the photographer as well as a link to his/her website as applicable. Be sure you include this information in your email. We can’t credit an email address. Your name, please!

Credit Policy
When applicable, credit will be given to the photographer or original source if a photo is not received directly from the photographer. These are usually photos or images taken from various websites (Such as band’s personal website).

We are happy to link to videos posted at other sites. While we also accept videos to post at DLTSP, space limitations may not permit keeping a good video up for long. We aim to keep content fresh and timely. Send an inquiry describing the video, or a link to an off-site posting.

4. What legal concerns might there be?

Conflict of Interest
DLTSP would like all submissions to be the results of a fans enthusiasm and not marketing. Therefore; authors and photographers must disclose any financial gain they would receive from an artist or artists prominently displayed in their article or photos at the time they are submitted. This disclosure will be confidential. DLTSP would like submitted articles or photos to be from fan enthusiasm, not aggressive marketing.

The copyright on any article or photo submitted for the site is owned exclusively by Dim Lights Thick Smoke Promotions, LLC. DLTSP reserves all rights to use, reproduce, transmit, edit, publish or distribute any submission on DLTSP in any form or medium. The author takes responsibility for all of the content, including any changes made by DLTSP editors. The author will not be financially compensated for the use of any submitted article or photo. The author understands that all submissions will be edited for content accuracy, grammar, style and/or space.

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